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Guidelines on appropriate use of library electronic resources
Author:Library and Information Services            Date:2016-04-12            Browse:938

Library provides authorized users access to electronic resources for educational, research, and innovation purposes. The following information applies to the resources licensed at ShanghaiTech University.

1Electronic Database retrieval;
2Browse search results(abstract/index/full-text, similarly hereinafter);
3Print search results;
4Save search results to Personal computing devices;
5Export search results to your Email;
6Authorized instructors can place a small amount of search results as content of a course pack on secured computers in an internal network to be used by students registered for a class during the course of the class.

The following behaviors are beyond the authorized use and may infringe upon the intellectual property rights of electronic resource providers:

1Batch download large quantities of records covering a long period, a subject area or a content type from indexing and abstracting databases.
2Download all the articles from one journal (or one proceedings series) or all the articles from multiple issues of a journal or a proceedings series in a full-text databases.
3Automatically search and download materials using web batch download tools from electronic databases.
4Provide public access to unauthorized users the materials downloaded only for personal use.

5Provide public access to unauthorized users the materials downloaded and used only for educational use;
6Set up proxy servers to unauthorized users;
7Purposely disseminate user names and passwords used for certain electronic databases to unauthorized users.
8Provide access to electronic databases to unauthorized entities or user groups.
9Provide access to electronic databases for commercial purposes or directly supporting any commercial services.
10Directly produce complied products or derivative datasets from electronic databases for public or commercial services.