Science Meets Art:C&EN's Chemistry in Pictures


Time: July 1, 2019- Sept 28, 2019

Venue: West hall, first floor, Library building, ShanghaiTech University

Organizer: ShanghaiTech University library

                  C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) /American Chemical Society (ACS)

C&EN's Chemistry in Pictures: Showcasing the beauty of chemistry and the chemical sciences

Chemistry often deals with the unseen. But chemistry is also visually captivating: Think bright fluorescent dyes, glittering crystals, and shape-shifting polymers. A scientist with an aesthetic eye can find beauty even in something as mundane as an experiment gone wrong.

This photography exhibition showcases images from C&EN's (Chemical & Engineering News') Chemistry in Pictures series. The exhibition, like the C&EN series, highlights the beauty of chemistry and the chemical sciences. The images you see here come from academic journals, instrument makers, and-most important-the labs and lives of individual chemists and other scientists around the world.

Through such images, C&EN's Chemistry in Pictures provides a window into the fascinating world of scientific research and discovery. It also brings the beauty inherent in chemistry to the general public.

ShanghaiTech University library

C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) /American Chemical Society (ACS)

July 2019

About C&EN's Chemistry in Pictures/ACS:

C&EN (Chemical & Engineering News) is published by the American Chemical Society (ACS). It produces authoritative, award-winning journalism about the world of chemistry, including coverage of recent advances in research, education, industry, funding, and regulatory policy.

C&EN launched Chemistry in Pictures in 2014 to showcase and celebrate the beauty of chemistry. Many of the photos they feature are submitted by their readers. They're looking for visually stunning original photos, SEMs, micrographs, or other types of images that highlight the beauty of chemistry. Whether it be at your lab bench, in your fume hood, or out in everyday life, they want to know what cutting edge chemistry means to you. Their editors handpick their favorites and publish them in C&EN's Chemistry in Pictures. Monthly winners receive cash prizes; each year's Grand Prize winner get their photograph published in C&EN's magazine and receives a Digital SLR Camera.

Do science. Take pictures. Win money.

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