VPNs provide authorized users secure access to licensed resources while off campus. Our VPNs service is compatible with both Windows and Mac OSX operating systems.

1. Install and set up VPN client on Windows:

Download the software package from here: SVN Client for windows.  

Double-click "quidwaysvnclient" and install it according to the wizard. Once installed, you can find the following" SVNClient" application on the desktop, or through :Start → All Programs → HuaweiQuidway.

Enter URL address: (Education Network) or and Technology Network) into address box as shown below, and then enter your campus authentication username & password (the same username & password when you connect “ShanghaiTech” WIFI) to login the VPN.

You can find VPN icon as shown below if you login VPN successfully.

Now you can directly visit library resources webpage to access our resources.

2. Mac OSX

It is recommended to configure l2tp access as follows:

1) Find System Preferences, and click Network to enter the network settings interface. 

2) In the network settings interface, click the + sign in the lower left corner of the interface to create a new service. Select the interface and enter a name for the new service:

Interface: Select vpn in the optional column and change the interface type to vpn.

Vpn type: Select the L2TP type on IPSec in the optional column.

Service name: define it yourself, then click Create.

3) Enter the server IP in the Server Address field, enter the login username in the Account Name field, and then click Authentication Settings.

Server address: (Education Network) or and Technology Network) 

Account Name: Internet Account(the same username when you connect the "ShanghaiTech" campus WIFI).

User Identification Password: Internet Password (the same password when you connect the ShanghaiTech campus WIFI).

Shared key for machine authentication: shtech@123!

4) Click on the Advanced button in the network options. In this interface, select "send all traffic over VPN connection" and click the OK button.

5) Make sure that the machine can access the Internet normally, then click Connect to connect to the VPN server. Click Disconnect to disconnect.

Now you can directly visit library resources webpage to access our resources.

Note: For queries about campus authentication username & password, please contact IT services at 20685566 or it-support@shanghaitech.edu.cn. For queries about library resources, please contact library services at 20685191 or library@shanghaitech.edu.cn

3. While access through VPN, please observe all the requirements for lawful use of the resources. For detailed information, see [Guidelines on appropriate use of library electronic resources]