What is Mathematica?

Wolfram Mathematica is a modern technical computing system spanning most areas of technical computing — including neural networks, machine learning, image processing, geometry, data science, visualizations, and others. The system is used in many technical, scientific, engineering, mathematical, and computing fields.

Mathematica Availability

Mathematica is available on the Windows, MAC and Linux platform for all ShanghaiTech faculty, staff and students.

To get started go to: http://software.lib.shanghaitech.edu.cn/Mathematica/(Whthin Campus only)

Please note that the software is licensed for use ONLY in the following conditions:

  • Only current ShanghaiTech faculty, staff, or students may activate and use this software.

  • The software may be installed on personally-owned computers as well as computers that are owned by ShanghaiTech University.

  • When you are no longer associated with ShanghaiTech University you must uninstall this software.

  • You are not allowed to copy, distribute, or reverse engineer this software.

Learning to Use Mathematica 

1) Walfram language and system Documentation Center: https://reference.wolfram.com/language/

2) An Elementary Introduction to The Walfram Language

3) Wolfram Screencast &Video Gallery

4) Wolfram Community: https://community.wolfram.com/

If you have questions or need assistance, please email Library at library@shanghaitech.edu.cn